August Wrap-Up

BIBLE READING: Our church continues its study of 1st Corinthians. What a rich time this has been. For August, my morning Bible reading included (in part or in full) the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Lamentations. BOOKS READ: I finished reading three books in the month of August, and the last one caused me to finish my goal of 50… Read More

Common Grace Coming to Fruition

Our church is working its way through the book of 1st Corinthians at present, and this past Sunday the sermon was focused on spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts, in general, are capacities and abilities apportioned and empowered by God in a Christian’s life for the common good. But the pastor said something else that has stuck with me since. He mentioned… Read More

Gasp! Looking forward to Math!

I know this is almost impossible to believe (since I moaned about it in at least one earlier post), but as of today, I am feeling just a little excited about my math class this term. This is not a for-college-credit class. This is a class I must pass to prepare me for my college credit class. (If all goes well, to be taken… Read More