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A Hope Remembered by Stacy Henrie

Spotlight: A Hope Remembered by Stacie Henrie

A HOPE REMEMBERED (Of Love and War, Book 3) by Stacy Henrie As the war ends, love begins. Nora Lewis just wants an escape after losing her fiance in the Great War. When she inherits property in England, she boldly packs up and leaves America for a fresh start. But, if not for her dashing new neighbor, Colin Ashby, she'd … [Read More...]

Allie Pleiter

The Books Authors Read | Allie Pleiter

An avid knitter, BBC Television geek and French macaron enthusiast, Allie Pleiter writes both fiction and non-fiction.  The enthusiastic but slightly untidy mother of two grown children, Allie spends her days writing books, buying yarn, and finding new ways to avoid housework.  Allie hails from Connecticut, moved to the … [Read More...]


Persistent Prayer: Meditation and Creativity

As I've shared before, because my word for 2015 is "Persistent Prayer," I have dedicated much of my devotional reading to books about prayer and prayer warriors. What a rich time I am having. Currently I am re-reading a book that I first read at least 30 years ago. In the early 1980s, I attended a weekend prayer … [Read More...]