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The Joyful Part of Writing: Friends

  In my last blog post, I asked the question, "Does writing a novel ever get easier?" In it, I shared some of the miseries and craziness that goes on in a writer's head and/or life. This time, I want to share one of the joys: Other writers. On Monday I returned from the 14th annual … [Read More...]

Does Writing a Novel Ever Get Easier?

Three weeks ago, I hit the Send key on my computer, and away went my latest manuscript to my editor (as well as to my agent). Trust me, sending in a manuscript is a fearful moment for me. I am too aware that I haven't achieved all that I'd hoped to achieve when I first began writing the story. My … [Read More...]

Kelli Stuart & 6 Random Things (with a giveaway)

Kelli Stuart is a storyteller at heart with an affinity for languages, travel, and history. She is fluent in the Russian language, and has spent the last twenty years researching the effects of World War II on the former Soviet Union. Kelli's first novel, Like a River From its Course, is an epic … [Read More...]