MURDER BY MISTAKE, An Ellie Quicke mystery by Veronica Heley

MURDER BY MISTAKEAugust 2010 Ellie Quicke was aware, when she took in a young rape victim, that the commitment might become a burden, but she didn’t expect it to become an invitation to murder. Although Mia’s stepfamily are in prison, violence still seems to dog her every move . . . and now Ellie’s, too. To add to the chaos,… Read More

FALSE PRETENCES, An Abbot Agency Mystery, by Veronica Heley

FALSE PRETENCESMarch 2010 Bea Abbot and her two young assistants run a domestic agency which doesn’t ‘do’ murder. There was nothing sinister about Zander’s request for Bea to accompany him on an errand to a grieving widow, but it was awkward because it was Zander who had exposed the scam which his boss Denzil had been running on the Tudor… Read More